DIY Rosh Hashanah Greeting cards

Made these Rosh Hashanah cards yourself. DIY Rosh Hashanah Greeting cards. If you really find it hard to make up your own Rosh Hashanah card, ahead we present you ten beautiful DIY Jewish New cards to inspire you.

There are several different ways you can make a Rosh Hashanah card, but that doesn't mean you need to spend a lot of time on something complicated. Making a simple homemade New Year card is quick and easy.

DIY Rosh Hashanah Greeting cards
DIY Rosh Hashanah Greeting cards

Making a Simple Handmade Shana Tova Card

  1. in order to make DIY Rosh Hashanah Greeting cards, think about who the card is for. Is this card for a child or an adult? How long have you known the recipient? Do you want to make a silly card or a sophisticated one? Take a moment to think about this person, what they like, and what you enjoy about being their friend.
  2. Gather your materials. Set up a workstation with all your tools and supplies. For a simple handmade birthday card, you'll need:
    Construction paper, cardstock, or any paper you have.
    Coloring utensils such as markers, crayons, and colored pencils.
    Glue (optional)
    Stickers (optional)
    Glitter (optional)
    Ribbon (optional)
  3. Choose your paper. The paper possibilities are virtually endless. You can use any paper you have around the house or use colored paper. Pick whatever kind of paper is easiest and most fun. Here are some options to consider:
    Printer paper is easy to work with and you might have some on hand.
    Cardstock or construction paper is a heavier and will feel more like a store bought card.
    Scrapbook paper might include patterns or borders to start you off with more than just a blank slate.
  4. Decide on a format. You can create a traditional folded card, or a flat postcard style card. You can even fold your card in half and then half again. Here are a few things to think about:
    • If you are using printer paper, you will probably want to make a folded card. Printer paper is thin and flimsy, so folding it will make it a bit sturdier.
    • If you are using cardstock or construction paper you can easily fold it or cut it into a flat postcard style birthday card

5. Write "Shana Tova!" Once you have selected your paper and your card format, it's time to get started on creating your simple birthday card. You can use a thick marker or a combination of different colors to write, "Happy Birthday!" on the front of your card. If you prefer not to hand write it, you can also print the words using a word processor and cut them out for your card, or use the printed piece of paper as your template.

  • You can make the words big and center them on the front of your card, or write them small based on your preference. There is no wrong way to do it, but since it is a birthday card, it should say, "Happy Birthday" somewhere! so DIY Rosh Hashanah Greeting cards.

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